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Open Top Prep. Refrigerators – Removable Top Cover

Family Spotlight

The Food Prep. Table (Back Mount) series doubles as a cold storage and working area for ingredients that need to be cut, sliced and prepared before use. It serves a variety of functions not only as a food prep and assembly station but also as a condiment/topping dispensary and buffet line. Everest chefbases are built with a unique, patented, anti-warp worktop which withstands intense heat from griddles, grills and fryers while insulating the refrigerated interior. The line is equipped with Blizzard R290 - the industry's first, all-in-one, slide-out cooling cartridge designed for rapid cooling, safety, and ease of replacement without the need for onsite brazing. Blizzard R290 uses natural, climate-friendly, hydrocarbon refrigerant, an effective alternative to hydrofluorocarbon-based refrigerants that meets the daily energy consumption standards of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environment Protection Agency. Enjoy significant reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions with more efficient cooling.


Product Specification

Temperature Refrigerator
Finish Stainless Steel
Door Style Swing Solid
Door Count 2
Cu. Ft. Capacity 10
Exterior Length (in.) 35 5/8
Exterior Depth (in.) 31 1/2
Exterior Height (in.) 32 3/4
Power (V-Hz-Ph) 115-60-1
Amps 2.5
Compressor HP 1/5
Crated Weight (lbs.) 260