001_Lockable Top-Closing Doors
Top-closing bar equipment come standard with conveniently removable,
heavy duty ratchet locks to secure cabinet contents when the need arises.
  002_High Heat Insulation Material
Chef bases feature heat insulation poly-blend mats that protect from heat-
induced distortion.
  003_Air Chambers and Vents
Chef bases also feature a dual channel and air vent system to further
preserve the structural integrity of the worktop.
  004_Heavy Duty Swivel Casters
Sturdy swivel casters or stationary legs in 5" or 3" (total height) variants
come standard in select units.
  005_Added Unit Stability
Durable middle legs provide additional stability and support in select
  006_Heavy Duty Shelves, Clips and Pilasters
Solid stainless steel pilasters support adjustable steel clips and white
epoxy coated shelves for more storage options.
  007_Air Circulation Guard
Air circulation guards guarantee unrestricted airflow in the cabinet
  008_Sleek and Insulated Interior
Beautiful stainless steel interior with sleek, rounded corners and edges
for a clean and sanitary environment for your food. 2 1/2 inch high
density foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation ensure a temperature
regulated cabinet.
  009_Analog Control
Effortlessly adjust your equipment to the desired temperature with the
classic, easily accessible analog thermostat located in the cabinet interior.
  010_Digital Control
Access advanced temperature options with the robust digital display and
control system equipped with user friendly interface located in the cabinet
  011_Dual Evaporator Fan Motors
Preserving your food to the highest quality is a breeze with our powerful
dual evaporator fan system. Efficient air circulation guarantees even cabinet
temperature in as little time as possible.
  012_Space Saving Interior
Side Mounted prep table units have smartly placed evaporator coil and
fan assembly to give you more room in the cabinet interior for what matters
the most – your food.
  013_Detachable Self-Contained Condensing Unit
Top-mounted condensing units completely detach for unparalleled
  014_Slide-Out Condensing Unit
Side-mounted condensing units.
  015_Easy to Clean Air Filter
Removable, detergent-safe condenser coil air filters allow you to perform
quick and effortless maintenance.
  016_Smart Door Handles
Our solid door models feature sleekly designed recessed door handles for
a non-obstructive, maximized work space.
  017_Strong Door Seal
Our heavy duty, self-closing doors feature and adjustable tension spring
system and a one-piece, snap-in, grooved door gasket surface for that
maximum air-tight seal.
  018_Thick Insulation
2 1/2 inch thick insulated door allows better heat transfer for a stable
cabinet temperature and improved energy efficiency.
Our sandwich prep. table units can be equipped with industry-standard
side mounting overshelves. *Please note that Everest does not supply
overshelf accessories.
  020_Sleek and Practical Top Pan Area
Easy to clean stainless steel top pan rails, adjustable dividers, panels and
pan area lid provide a beautiful and sanitary space for your food. Vents on
the top and bottom pan section allows for efficient cold air circulation
while the 1/2" thick pan area. Lid insulation maximizes energy efficiency.
  021_Rear Bumpers
Rear bumpers allow for unobstructed ventilation of the refrigeration system.
  022_Elegant Display
Elegantly designed stainless steel interior with rounded corners and
removable sliding glass doors for a more presentable and sanitary space.
  023_Practical Function
Our countertop refrigeration display cases are designed with practicality
in mind. The easily accessible power switch, removable detergent-safe air
filter and well placed drain lines allows for convenient cleaning and